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Five Top Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors

1. Get quiet before the Lord, listen, and write what you hear, don’t worry about making it perfect at this point. You can hire an editor to do that once the manuscript is completed.

2. Create an outline to help flesh out and build a framework for what you are preparing to write.

3. Determine how you want to present what you are writing. Four common ways are: Narration, Argument, Description, Exposition.

  • Narration – Tell what happened
  • Argument – Speak for or against something
  • Description – Tell how something looks, sounds, or moves
  • Exposition – Tell how something works or why it does not work

4. Write based on your target audience, for example: children, women, men, scholars, seniors, business, etc.

5. Convert a sermon, teaching or presentation into a book using your notes and/or transcripts of audio recordings.

  • Hire an editor and/or a ghostwriter to make it flow as a book.

Happy writing!


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