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What Size Is Your Tank?

I heard an interesting fact about a certain fish called the Oscar fish. This particular fish when placed in the right environment has the ability to reach its potential size of 16 inches. However, if placed in a limited environment, such as a small fish tank, this fish will never grow to reach its full potential. After hearing this interesting fact it made me wonder: How many people have lived, died, and never reached their full potential because their tank was too small?

Metaphorically speaking, your tank size can be a multitude of limiting factors that can keep you from reaching your full potential. These limiting factors can include:

•  Certain associations (the people you hang with, your connections)
•  Mindsets (how you think)
•  Education (skill set, your understanding)
•  Your level of revelation
•  Your level of influence
•  Your comfort zones

Upon reading the list above I want to present two questions to you. What size is your tank? Will your current environments allow you to reach your full potential?  It’s imperative that you face and answer these questions if you want to continue to grow and be all God has purposed you to be. It’s not always easy to leave behind the familiar, but I guarantee it will be worth it in the end.

Your Next Step Coaching for Success Minute:

•  Identify the tanks that are too small in your life
•  Identify why you have chosen to stay in these environments (fear, hate change, etc.)
•  For each area of your life devise a strategy to move to a larger tank size
•  Make a conscious decision to grow and celebrate your growth

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