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21 Days to Transformation

It’s been said if you need transformation, or to develop a positive habit, perform a task for 21 days and it will become a solid part of your life. I have to agree this is most certainly true.

My husband and I recently participated in a 21 day corporate fast with our church. During this fast we made a conscious decision to eliminate all meats, fried foods, sweets, diary products and only eat grains, fruits, and vegetables. As we embarked upon this fast, I have to say, my body didn’t like it one bit! Oh, how it screamed and demanded its normal diet of tasty treats and delicacies. I tell you this wasn’t easy, and at times my mouth came into agreement and complained, “I don’t like this and this food is so bland.” As the fast progressed I had to take control and tell my body and mouth, “we’re doing this fast”. Once this was done everything fell into alignment and I was able to reached my intended goal. To my surprise, even when I could go back to my previous diet I didn’t want to. Within 21 days I had experienced a incredible transformation on every part of my being: spirit, soul and body. All I could say is, “wow, this is definitely a key to transformation”.

I want to encourage you to take a 21 day challenge to bring forth whatever transformation you stand in need of. Put yourself on a fast to let go of the non-productive habits of your life and usher in the productive ones. I strongly believe if you give yourself 21 days to get grounded in a positive new habit it will revolutionize your life. Here are a few suggested challenges you can undertake:

  • 21 days to a consistent prayer life
  • 21 days to better eating habits
  • 21 days to a consistent bible study life
  • 21 days to learn new technology
  • 21 days to speak and think positively
  • 21 days to a consistent exercise life

In closing, I have to admit at times during my 21 day fast I wanted to quit and abandon what I had set forth to do. Thanks to my husband’s encouragement I continued, and now I’m celebrating and seeing my success on multiple levels. If I can do it, you can too!

Your Next Step Coaching Minute:

Identify areas in your life where you need positive transformation. Create a 21 day plan to achieve your goal and go for it! Get someone to hold you accountable and encourage you along the way.

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