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7 Steps to Building Your Author’s Platform

In my business as a publisher, I see many authors become discouraged when it seems they have hit a brick wall as it relates to marketing and selling their book(s). I’ve found most authors think when the book publishing has concluded, and the book is printed, their work is done.  The truth is, however, once the book is completed this is when the REAL work begins in the form of marketing and promoting.

As a published author, one of the greatest keys I’ve found in successfully marketing and promoting my books has been building a solid platform.  The dictionary describes a platform as a flat surface that’s raised higher than the floor that people stand on when performing or speaking.  As an author (or emerging leader), from a marketing and promotional standpoint, your platform is the raised surface you build in order to create visibility for yourself, your brand, and your book. Your platform helps you expand your sphere of influence and reach. It involves you creating exposure in the marketplace for your products, services, and even your cause.  Building a platform is crucial to reaching your marketing, promotional, and financial goals.

Below are seven steps I’ve used as I continue to successfully build my author’s platform. I’m sure they will help you too. Check them out:

Step 1 – Define your target audience

Step 2 – Create an excellent product

Step 3 – Create a strong and memorable brand

Step 4 – Establish yourself as an expert

Step 5 – Look beyond where you’re at, think global

Step 6 – Join, create,  and engage in new networks

Step 7 – Create your own buzz by creating places or events to engage your target audience

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  • Publishing a book based on your expertise is a great way enlarge your sphere of influence as a leader. Just be mindful that considerable marketing will be required when establishing your a solid platform for your book. Starting early and being consistent is key.

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