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Types of Events to Market & Promote Your Business

As an entrepreneur never under-estimate the power of marketing and promotion.  Constant marketing and promotion should be a mainstay and driving force in your business if you desire growth and want to remain conscious in the minds of your target audience. As you may already know, there are multiple ways you can market and promote your business. In order, however, to set yourself apart in an inundated marketplace, you have to think outside the box to attract the attention you seek. 

I’ve found one of the most effective ways I’ve used to garnered the necessary marketing attention I desired for my businesses is hosting an event. These events were specifically created to inform, inspire, empower, and most of all spoke to the needs of my target audience. With those key objectives in mind, the results were just what I sought for: business leads, new customers and clients, and greater awareness of my brands in the marketplace. With that being said, my entrepreneur tip for you this issue is to consider hosting an event to market and promote your business, products and services. 

When embarking upon planning a special gathering, a key element you need to decide is, “What type of event should I have?” In the world of event planning, events come in all types, shapes and sizes. Choosing the type of event that will work best depends on your target audience, the size of your audience, your theme, your purpose and your objectives.

For example, what may be conducive to reaching a smaller audience may not work for a larger audience. An event designed for youth may not be suitable for seniors. Here’s one final example to consider. Perhaps your target audience is located around the globe. Instead of having a physical face-to-face gathering, like a seminar or conference, you may decide to host a virtual event such as a webinar or webcast. Or you may consider doing a combination of a face-to-face and virtual event using streaming technology.

Having a full understanding of the different types of special events you could host will add to your event planning key ring and open doors to a multitude of effective options. The following is abbreviated list of the types of events you can choose from as presented in my book 1001 Awesome Conference, Meeting & Event Themes available at www.AwesomeEventSolutions.com.


A conference is a special gathering designed to bring a group of people with common interests together for a common purpose or cause, or to exchange ideas. The purpose of the conference will vary, but it’s generally constructed to inform, empower, inspire, instruct, educate, etc. A conference can vary in size, duration and featured activities. The featured activities vary based on the theme, purpose, goals and objectives of the event. 


A seminar is an informational meeting where featured speakers cover a particular subject of interest and their target audience is invited to attend in order to be informed, empowered and educated from this exchange of ideas.


A webinar is a virtual, online seminar where the host/speaker covers a particular subject of interest. The webinar attendees are given the opportunity to join the event via the Internet, using their computer or mobile devices from the comfort of their home or office.


A webcast, much like a webinar, is a virtual event where the host invites registrants to view a featured speaker(s) or special event like a concert via the Internet, using their computer or mobile devices in their home, office or a specified venue capable of accommodating small or large groups of people. In the large group setting, the webcast is usually projected on a large screen. The webcast is broadcasted through streaming technology from a centralized location to people tuning in around the globe. The webcast may also include interaction between the host, speaker(s) and the virtual audience using social media outlets such as Skype, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


A banquet is a formal or informal celebratory event which can include a keynote address, awards and dining. This gathering often involves recognizing an individual or cause for an achievement or significant milestone.


Similar to a banquet, a luncheon is a formal event held specifically during the hours lunch is served. A luncheon can include a keynote address and other special presentations. This type of gathering may be held for a number of reasons and is a great way to bring people and ideas together for fellowship, networking, inspiration and empowerment.


A retreat is an informal gathering where the target audience is invited to get away from normal activities to focus on a particular subject of interest as presented by the retreat host and featured speakers. A retreat is also organized to be a time for registrants to rest, refresh and replenish. To accomplish this goal, specified time is normally set aside during the event for a spiritual, emotional and physical respite. A retreat is also a special event designed to help individuals, couples, families and teams regain their focus.

In closing, once again I want to encourage you to think outside the box and consider hosting an event to market and promote your business, products and services. You can also consider partnering with other businesses that compliment what you offer and together you can share the cost of hosting the event and create a winning collaborative marketing and promotional initiative. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you and your business all the best for 2019 and beyond!

For more information on planning an awesome event check out 1001 Awesome Conference, Meeting & Event Themes available at www.AwesomeEventSolutions.com.

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