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Six Steps To Enlarge Your Territory

Are you yearning to take your life to a whole new level? Do you aspire to reach beyond your current boundaries and enlarge your territory? If you answered “yes” to these two questions than this article is for you! Below are six steps I personally employed in my own life to enlarge my borders and step into the divine spaces prepared for me. Let’s check them out:

1. Desire More

To desire means to long for. So many people lack desire. They have resolved to settle for the status quo. You must realize in order to have more, you have to reach for more. This means stepping out of your comfort zone and going beyond what you are accustom to. (Matthew 7:7-8)

2. Envision More

You have to see beyond what’s around you to enlarge your borders. Having vision is important when stretching forth into new territory. Vision is the vehicle that propels you to new dimensions.
Vision involves seeing the new territory before you even leave the station. (Proverbs 29:18)

3. Seek God For Strategies

When desiring to stretch out into larger territory the first place to start is in prayer. Seeking God for strategies to enlarge your borders is essential to your success. In doing so, you ensure you are moving forth in the right direction.  A strategy is a plan of action, a game plan designed to achieve a goal. Without a plan of action you are planning to fail. (John 2:1-5)

4. Execute the Plan

Execute means to carry out the plan, to work. This is where most people drop the ball. To enlarge your borders it takes action on your part. When God gives you strategies it’s up to you to work them and see them through to completion. (James 2:17-18)

5. Avoid “Border Control”

In your quest to enlarge your borders you have to avoid people that try to place limits on your growth. It is important to establish divine connections. Be lead by the Spirit to connect with people who are going your way and cut loose from those who try to control your advancement and progress. (Matthew 18:18-20)

6. Praise God For New Ground

This final step is an act of faith. Even before you reach the new territory you need to acknowledge the one from whom all blessings flow. It is through God’s grace you will accomplish your goal. In praising Him you release His unlimited favor on your behalf! (Psalm 107:7-9)

(Scripture references from King James Version)

© Tarsha L. Campbell, All rights reserved. This is copy-written material, use only with permission from the author.


    • Coach Tarsha on March 27, 2017

      You’re welcome Renee. I’m glad the article spoke to you. Exponential blessings!

  • Gail Gardner on March 24, 2017

    Great reminder to what you have been sharing on WOMB. It reinforces my determination to “press toward my NEXT.”
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Coach Tarsha on March 27, 2017

      Gail thank you for taking time to read this article. Yes, it is a reminder of what was shared in our WOMB incubator program. I love hearing of your determination to press toward your NEXT. Awesome! You have what it takes.

  • Belinda Marie on March 26, 2017

    Thank you Tarsha! Great insight and practical steps to engagement.

    • Coach Tarsha on March 27, 2017

      You’re welcome Belinda! I glad it served to bring insight to you and offered practical steps. Blessings to you as you enlarge your border

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