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Keys to Walking in Confidence

I love being around confident people! I must say though, there use to be a time when I would feel intimidated when I was around these types of people. My heart would race, my palms would sweat and I just wanted to go hide under a rock somewhere. I often wondered, how could I fulfill my purpose and realize my destiny when I was just plain scared to step out and be around strong confident people, especially those in authority. I’m here to declare those days are over!

My journey to overcoming fear and intimidation all started when I made a conscious decision that these obstacles weren’t going to hold me back any longer. Furthermore, I went to my Father God. He and I began to have conversations about overcoming these issues. One of the first things I realized through our encounters was I had to get a good understanding of who I was in God. So I began to pray, “Lord, show me who I am in you, show me my true identity in You.”

The next thing I did was I began to pray to God that He would mantle me with ‘His’ confidence. Finally, I was led to work on the areas of my life where I wasn’t too sure of myself. Those areas included:

  • What I know (being knowledgeable on different subjects, specifically the subjects that have to do with my call and purpose)
  • How I function (work on and perfect areas such as speaking, etiquette, different types of protocol for various situations, etc.)
  • How I look (clothing, hair, make-up, weight, etc. – finding the best fit in these areas goes a long way when walking in confidence)

I can now say, after I began to work on these different areas my confidence level has increased. Fear and intimidation are now issues of my past. Now I’m able to go into any given arena and be the confident woman of God the Father has purposed me to be.

If walking in confidence is an issue with you, I encourage you to employ the same strategy I used. If I can overcome fear and intimidation, you can too. Give it a try. It will be worth it!

Your Next Step Coaching Minute:

•  Identify the areas in your life where you lack confidence
•  Create a confidence-building strategy or use the one described above
•  Execute your strategy until fear and intimidation are no longer an issue

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