In sync with success

In Sync For Success

This newsletter comes to encourage you. Its purpose is to remind you of the season you’re living in and to admonish you to keep pressing forward. As I’ve said before in previous blog posts, we serve a strategic God and He desires a strategic people. He’s calling for people of purpose who have decided to live life on purpose. 

In grade school you were taught a principle called, “cause and effect”. Basically, what it said was if I desire a certain effect (result) I have to engage in a certain action (cause). For example, if I want to light a dark room (the desired effect) I would need to flip the light switch (cause) to get what I desire. Obtaining success in life is achieved in many instances this same way.  If you desire a certain effect (Godly success) you have to learn to tap into God’s will for your life and start living life on purpose.

Spiritually speaking, we live our lives without regard to the causal realm, which is the realm of the Spirit. We have to learn to function according to God’s purpose for our lives. Isaiah 46:10 say, “God called the end from the beginning”, which means every divine effect we desire in our lives has already been established by God. We only need to tap into the causal realm and walk it out according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit knows and will lead and guide you if you seek His guidance (I Cor. 2:9). We have to learn to step into the causal realm of the Spirit and bring all our aspirations in sync with God’s purpose and rule. Jesus said it like this. “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

To get God’s desired effect for your life you have to synchronize your life clock with God’s will and timing. To illustrate this point I have included a photo of a clock. From a Spiritual standpoint the hands on the clock represent the following:


Second hand – hand of perseverance

Long hand – hand of process

Short Hand – Point of purpose & manifestation

The second hand is the hand that goes around the clock in a rapid, steady pace. Spiritually speaking this hand represents how you must persevere in order to see God’s purpose revealed in your life. You must move in a constant and consistent pace.  Here’s why. In order for the long hand of process to move there must a consistent movement of the second hand of perseverance. When you fail to keep moving you hinder the processing of the Lord for manifestation. The process comes to establish us and strips things off that are not necessary. Your time of process is a time of revelation. 

In this season of revelation or process there are three things that are revealed:

  1. God (His Faithfulness and Grace)
  2. Our True Self (Our Divine Spiritual Nature)
  3. Our Self  (Carnal Nature)

If you don’t allow the unfolding of these three things you will be like a three-legged stool with missing legs: unstable. If you’re unstable, you won’t be unable to stand in your season of manifestation. The season of manifestation is marked on the clock when the short hand of purpose reaches the appointed hour. With each complete rotation of the second hand and long hand we experience another hour (or season) of manifestation or purpose.

A perfect example of someone who synchronized his life clock with God’s will and purpose was David. He wrote in Psalms 31:15, “My times are in thy hand…” God had pre-ordained David to be anointed king from the foundation of the earth. God had called his end from the beginning, but before David could come into complete manifestation of God’s purpose for Him he had to persevere and go through the necessary process. David had to endure his season of process. He had to face the loin, bear, Goliath, Saul and his own fleshly desires and temptations. During his season of process I believe he received a true revelation of God, along with a revelation of his flesh and his true divine self. Upon the foundation of these revelations his purpose was established in the earth and his destiny manifested.

David didn’t let anything or anyone keep him from persevering, and you can’t either. You have to stay focus and don’t stop or slow down on your journey to your “Destiny”. To illustrate this important point I want to share this story.

Several years ago, I was invited to attend my friend’s wedding. The wedding was out of town so it would require some planning on my part to ensure I would be in attendance. The day of the wedding I constantly looked at my watch. I got ready and prepared to leave based on the time displayed on the watch. As I got into my car to make the 2-hour journey I noticed the clock in my car had a different time. It was 45 minutes ahead of the time on my watch. With closer examination I realized my watch was running slow by 45 minutes. You know what happened next. I then went into rush mode because I didn’t want to miss my appointment. All this was a result of my watch slowing down.

Many of us are going to miss our God-given appointments with destiny because we have slowed down or stopped persevering and moving forward for some reason or another. I want to encourage you to keep persevering. Don’t quit in your season of process. Seek God consistently. By the Spirit He has established a divine cause to every effect He desires for your life. But in order to see complete manifestation of it you have to sync your life clock with God’s timing and purpose. In doing so, you will ensure you will be “In Sync for Success!”  Jeremiah 29:11 says it like this:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV)

Kingdom Blessings!

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