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Is Life Passing You By? – Stepping into the Flow of God

I want to share something with you the Lord has been speaking to me about. As I have worked with coaching clients and in my mentorship program, WOMB Mentoring Incubator & Delivery Room, I noticed the tremendous impact the spirit of passivity is making in the lives of many.

Passivity can be defined as remaining inactive or a lack of initiative. Passivity is an enemy of your purpose and can rob you of your destiny. Passivity along with its twin, procrastination, can keep you in unproductive cycles of lack, defeat and frustration.

The Lord, in previous seasons, has personally pointed out to me areas in my life where I let passivity and procrastination rule. My excuse was, “I’m waiting on the Lord.” The Holy Spirit quickly let me know, “No you’re not…you need to do your part.” For you see my friend, God won’t do what you can do. You might say, “I have faith,” but the bible declares that, ”faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). Works require ACTION. I like to say it like this: ACT-I-ON. Once the instructions come, you have to move out on it, by setting things in motion. God moves when you move.

For a fact, it’s known that passivity and procrastination will cause you to miss God-appointed seasons. The lame man at the pool of Bethesda is a perfect example of this. His story is found in the word of God in John 5.

The bible says he spent thirty-eight years in this same lame position and condition. At a certain time every year, the angel would come and trouble the water; whoever stepped in first, was healed. Spiritually speaking, this man missed thirty-eight seasons to realize the manifestation of the power of God in His life. Yes, the man was lame but he knew every year a time was coming that would allow him to break free from his stagnant, non-productive condition; however, he failed to prepare for each coming season. 

I don’t want to seem insensitive, but it seems he didn’t have any type of strategy in place to facilitate and ensure his breakthrough. Within the space of time before the angel came again in the following year, I would have scooted, rolled to the edge of the pool or done something! Or the lame man could have sought help from those around him––but wait, he couldn’t do that because the people surrounding him couldn’t help him or help themselves either! I believe one reason he stayed in this condition for so many years was because of the company he was keeping. The bible says his pool hang-out buddies were impotent, blind, halt, and withered.

Can you identify with the lame man? I can. Have you ever found yourself spiritually, emotionally, financially, and positionally cripple? Could your condition and position be a result of passivity, procrastination, and the company you’re keeping? Are you hanging out with those who are:

  • 1. Impotent – barren, unfruitful, unproductive
  • 2. Blind – without a vision
  • 3. Halt/Lame – stuck in a holding a pattern, and out of alignment with the flow and purpose of God
  • 4. Withered – fearful, drawn back, hesitant and afraid to embrace change

I want to encourage you–don’t let life and your time of breakthrough pass you by allowing passivity, procrastination, and the company you keep to rule your world. Take control of your destiny; for in doing so, you avoid missing divinely appointed seasons that will birth undeniable breakthrough and deliverance in your life!

Kingdom blessings,

Tarsha L. Campbell

Your Next Step Coach, Consultant & Mentor

  • Florida Jones on

    Thank you for this message. Very enlightened by it all. God Bless you

    • Florida, Thank you for taking time to read the post. I’m glad to hear it was enlightening to you. God’s highest and best to you!

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