Numbered Days

Numbered Days

We made it!! If you’re reading this article I want to invite you to join me in celebrating the fact that we made it! For many, last year was tough and an unprecedented time like none we have seen in recent history. In light of what we collectively experienced in 2020, and the untimely deaths of so many people due to COVID-19, it really made me think, “Lord, am I making full use of the time and the talents you have given me? Am I walking out my steps according to your purpose?”

Undoubtedly, our times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord. Our days are truly numbered. But as free agents, I do feel we play a role in what will be accomplished during our time here on Earth. According to the Word of God, we will be held accountable for making a return on the investment the Father has instilled and given to each of us. The following is what gives me an indication of this.

In Matthew 25:14-30, that passage gives an account of the parable told by the Lord about the servants who were given varying talents. One was given five talents, another two, and another one talent. As the story goes, the first two servants used their talents and brought gain to their master. Those two servants were then rewarded and made rulers over more. However, the servant who was given one talent buried his talent and brought no gain to his master. Then one day his number was called, and he stood before the master. He was full of excuses on why he didn’t bring gain to the master. The main excuse he had was that he was afraid. In response to this servant’s actions, the master had no choice but to give him what was due.

My question to you is,  “Are you making full use of all the Master has given you?” Or are you allowing fear and circumstances to cause you to bury what the Father has instilled in you?

In closing, I want to admonish you to remember your days are numbered. None of us know the day, nor the hour when we will have to stand before the Master to give a report of the deeds done in our bodies. The only thing we can control is what we will do with what the Master has given us. I encourage you to kick fear and everything else to the curb and make a return on the investment the Father has instilled in you.  God’s grace is sufficient to help you accomplish every task before you. It’s time to get busy and keep moving forward. Selah (think on these things).

Your Next Step Coaching Moment:

  • Take time to identify your gifts and talents?
  • What have you done with what the Master has given you?
  • Strategize on your next step to make a return on the investment the Father has instilled in you.


  • My gifts and talent includes encouraging women achieve her full potential. My talent is the gift of healthcare administration.

    Today, I scheduled an appointment with a marketing agent to help with the execution of my Urgent Care Center.

    God, I am stepping out in faith.

    • Coach Tarsha on 

      Yay! Dr. Charmaine I love hearing how you’re planning to step out. You have what it takes to achieve the vision and mission you have for your Urgent Care Center. I wish you much success as you make your next move.


    Powerful and TRUE Word for me! I have unfinished work to do! Thanks for the reminder and for provoking readers to love and good works!

    • Coach Tarsha on 

      Pastor Ruby I’m glad to hear the article spoke to you. Mission accomplished! You’re welcome. It’s certainly all my pleasure to encourage and empower.

  • Florida Jones on 

    Thank you for sending me this. I’ve been going back & forth with myself on if I’m doing Gods will, am I making him proud. As much as i try daily sometimes i still don’t know. Im a work in progress.
    Thanks again for sharing this

    • Coach Tarsha on 

      Florida, you’re so welcome. I’m glad to hear it spoke to you. I’m sure God is proud of you. You have a great heart and spirit to help others. We’re all a work in progress. This is why we need God’s grace to live and accomplish the things He has purposed for us to do here on the Earth.

  • Myrtle Newbold on 

    If this is not a wake up call. I have finally moving forward in the things that I am led to do. Thank you for sending.

    • Coach Tarsha on 

      I’m glad this article served as a wake up call for you. It’s great to hear it helped you.

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