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Dry Seasons – From Desperation to Elevation

Going through a dry season can be extremely tough! It can be a time when you feel you’re all alone and you wonder if God even knows your name. Dry seasons aren’t easy, but they are a part of life. As a child of God, if you’re not conscious of what your response should be during these seasons you can easily be overtaken by a spirit of despair and a spirit of hopelessness. For this reason biblical examples serve to shed light on our response. David, the mighty worshipper and warrior, knew all to well about dry seasons and declared this:

Psalms 63:1 (KJV)

[[A Psalm of David, when he was in the wilderness of Judah.]] O God, thou [art] my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is.

As I meditated on this scripture and keyed in on David’s response to his dry season, something powerful stood out! A dry season can make you do one of two things, draw closer to God in desperation or shrink back in despair. I believe how you and I respond in our dry seasons will determine how we progress in life.

Even though dry seasons aren’t fun, I believe when we respond to them like David did, it undoubtedly leads us to a place of elevation. When we seek to draw closer to God during those dry seasons I firmly believe we enter into a place where the heart of God for our lives is revealed. From this place of intimacy comes a mighty refreshing in our soul that catapults us to new dimensions of glory when we allow the Holy Spirit to have his free course during this special time.

Isn’t that something? Ironically, our soul thirst in a dry season becomes an open door that leads to a place of intimacy and refreshing. Amazing! Only God in his sovereignty can use what seems bad and turn it into something good, and might I add, make it fruitful. Wow! Did you get that? God can use a dry season, and how you respond to it, and usher you into a season of fruitfulness and abundance!

My question to you now is this: How will you respond in your dry seasons? Will your thirsty soul draw closer to God or will you shrink back in despair? Remember whatever you choose will determine your next level and the release of God’s glory in your life. I encourage you to choose wisely. Avoid the “shrink backs” that lead to setbacks. Make a conscious decision to draw closer to God. He is waiting to refresh your soul and take you to a new place in Him.  Selah

Your Next Step Coaching For Success Minute:

How have you responded during the dry seasons in your life?

How can you overcome the “shrink backs” that lead to setbacks?

How thirsty are you for a new dimension of God’s glory in your life?

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  • Florida Jones on

    I love this message. Oh lord this really hit home for me and I’ve been trying so hard to stay focused and keep praying. Trying to stay closer to God because I do thirst for him. This really set light in my dark tunnel and I just want to say thank you Coach Tarsha for this wonderful word. God bless you ✝️

    • Florida thank you for taking time to read and comment on this blog post. Im glad to hear it hit home and spoke to you. It sounds like what you are doing by staying focused, praying and staying close to God is critical to your elevation.If you abide in Him, He will abide with you and bring you through victoriously. Exponential blessings to you! I’m praying for your success!

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