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It’s Time to Repack Your Bags

I recently took a trip that required I take an airline flight to reach my destination. Anyone that knows me, or have ever travelled with me, knows I travel with a lot of stuff!  As I was checking in for my flight I was asked to place my bags on the scale to weigh my luggage. To my surprise I was told my bags exceeded the allotted luggage and weight limit, and I would have to pay for the additional bags based on the weight of each bag. Next I received an even greater shock when I was told the fee I would have to pay was close to a $100 (nearly half the cost of my airline ticket)! As you might have guessed it, I wasn’t a “happy camper”. “Why didn’t anyone tell me about these additional fees for my extra baggage?”  Needless to say, I lived, and definitely learned, from this incident. From here on out, I’m traveling light…at least when I fly.

I want to pose to you a question, are you traveling light? Personally speaking, I’m finding as I fly higher in life, on my way to my divine purpose and destiny fulfillment, there are just some things I will have to leave behind. These things must be left behind because they simply will cost me too much to carry it with me. This can sometimes be easily said than done, mainly because the stuff I want to take with me make me feel more secure and comfortable, even though I might have outgrown them.

How about you? Do you sense in your heart God wants to take you higher, but you have to many things weighing you down? If so, I want to encourage you to repack your bags and travel light, because in this new season there are some things you can do without. Here’s a list of several things you can unpack:

  • Dump financial and emotional debt
  • Limiting mindsets
  • Get rid of fruitless paradigms
  • Eradicate negative associations
  • Career or business paths that lead no where
  • Outdated spiritual connections
  • Sever harmful soul ties

Your Next Step Coaching For Success Minute: 

  • Take time to identify the areas in your life where you have excess baggage
  • Make a commitment to yourself to lighten your load within the next 1-4 weeks
  • Celebrate as you ascend higher

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