Under the Influence

Found Under the Influence

The other day I was watching the television and saw a video of a guy being arrested for driving under the influence. Before the police could make a formal arrest they had to confirm their suspicions. To do this, the police asked the man to walk on a straight line. Due to the man’s condition, this was certainly an impossible task, and he failed miserably at his attempt. Then to judge how drunk this guy was, he was asked to take a breathalyzer test which indicated his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal amount. Without a doubt, this man was drunk, and it was on display for all the world to see!

After watching this man’s story it made me start to think about my life story and being found under the influence. Do my walk and lifestyle indicate I’m under the influence of the Spirit of God and His Word? Am I walking the straight and narrow? Or am I living my life based on the dictates of the world, the flesh and the devil? Also, if I were to take a “Word-breathalyzer” could the Word of God and His Way even be traced in my life.

I personally feel if I claim Christ to be Lord over my life there should be an evident display of His Spirit in and through me. People shouldn’t have to wonder if I’m a child of God, because it should show in every aspect of my life. My connection with God should be evident. It should be seen from how I handle myself and handle others, to how I handle the affairs of my life, such as my finances, and businesses and ministry. They all should reflect that I’m under the influence of God. As I spend time in His presence and consume His word it should be reflected in me. However, the key is not just being a hearer only, but to be a conscious doer of God’s word and live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t want to be a “secret service” believer. I want it to be evident to all that I’m under the influence of God’s spirit. This spirit is the Holy Spirit. I want my friend Holy Spirit to live in and through me. He is the expression of God abiding in me. He leads and guides me, helping me to walk the straight and narrow way. My friend Holy Spirit also gives me an edge to succeed and supersede in the spaces the Father has destined me to occupy on His behalf and for His purpose. Being under the influence in this way is good thing and advantageous to me!

How about you? Could it be said of you, “she or he is under the influence.” Have you tapped into the power of living and walking according to God’s word? Do you value gift of the Holy Spirit and what He can bring to your life? Think about it.

Your Next Step Coaching For Success Minute:

  • What does the world see on display from your life? Do you reflect the image of The Father?
  • Using a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), at what level would the Word of God and His way be traced in your life if you were to take a “Word-breathalyzer” test today?
  • What areas in your life do you need to change or adjust in order to be seen as someone under the influence of the Holy Spirit? 
  • What can you gain being under the influence of God’s word and His spirit?

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