We believe God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Allow us to introduce you to them.

We hope our special guests will inspire you

to believe God can use you too!

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Inaugural - Episode 1 - Diana Velasquez

Diana is the founder and president of Diana Velazquez Ministries; she’s a gifted international preacher, teacher of God’s Word, missionary, visionary, author and demon-slayer!

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 2 - Gail Gardner

Raise your hand if you know someone who has a state legislative law named after them? Well, if you don’t know someone, you’re about to be introduced to fellow purpose-bearing woman, Ms. Gail Frances Gardner, who in recently had a Florida law established in her name titled Gail’s Law.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 3 - Daria Dixon

Daria is the founder of the Healthy Girl Church Movement and uses her platform to share her story about how she took control of her health, dropped the pounds spiritually, mentally and physically, and is now thriving. Daria leads the Healthy Girl Church Facebook Group and inspires women daily with her inspirational and empowering posts.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 4 - Cecily Crossman

Ms. Crossman is an active blogger and published author, who recently released two wonderful books New Day and Florida, A Love Story. Tune in to hear how she stays active and continues to give birth to her divine purpose in her senior years.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 5 - Hope Simpson

Ms. Simpson is a lady on the move, multifaceted and an advocate for a life worth living. She is a minister of the Gospel and licensed registered Mental Health Therapist Intern in the state of Florida and the founder of Capsule of Hope. This organization offers individual and group counseling, facilitates seminars, provides teaching sessions on cognitive behavioral techniques, anger management and life skills.

Hope loves sharing strategies how you can maintain your hope no matter what.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 6 - Semona E. Morton

Semona E. Morton is a leading proponent of honor and beauty from the inside out. She was affirmed as an Evangelist in May 2012, under the leadership of Dr. Alicia M. Liverpool. In this office, Semona is an inspirational speaker; host/moderator; image coach; and writer under the platform of her brand, ‘Expressly Yours’.

As the Directive Creator of ‘Expressly Yours’, Semona focuses on the work of improving upon the model of ‘Living Honorably’; being ‘BIO-ful’—beautiful from the inside out; and inspirational reminders via ‘You Matter’. Unique trinkets and gift items are also part of the ‘Expressly Yours’ brand.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 7 - Magdalena Rodriguez

Magdalena Rodriguez is an Apostolic & Prophetic voice to bring forth reformation. She is called to emancipate, empower, equip and engage the Body of Christ to arise, unite and boldly govern as Ambassadors in the Kingdom of God for its advancement - releasing Heaven on Earth.  She is the founder and Apostolic Overseer of “The Ambassadors Kingdom Mission - Apostolic Center and Global Community.”  The Mission is to make disciples, raise leaders like Jesus, and release them into their mantle of governance on the earth according to Genesis 1:26.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 8 - Melanye Brice

Melanye H-Brice is the Founder, CEO and Senior Pastor of Christ Ambassadors United Worship Center. The Lord destined and chose her for ministry at the young age of 9 years old. She has been on the battlefield for quite some time and shares how she overcame a battle with cancer.

(Production Note: We experienced a little technical difficulties at the beginning of the video but it gets better as it progresses. Don't let that stop you from tuning in. This interview is worth listening to.)

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 9 - Rosie Paulsen

Rosie Paulsen is a native of Ecuador who came to the United States as a teenager. A public speaker and business trailblazer. Rosie owns Rosie Paulsen Enterprises and S&R Services, a company that brokers Medicare coverage for people all over the State of Florida.

Rosie was named one of the Top "50 Most Influential Leaders in Florida" by the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FSHCC).

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 10 - Daisy Terry Jones

Daisy Terry Jones is a woman graced by God’s love and divine purpose. She is a retired army lieutenant colonel and life-long learner. She has a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism, as well as master’s degrees in human resource management and leadership and management. 

Daisy is a minister, radio and podcast host, freelance writer, and nonprofit management consultant. She is the author of the insightful new book release Private Lessons, Private Battles: Noticing That God Notices You.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 11 - LaKenya Taylor

LaKenya is passionate about helping individuals and small businesses meet their financial goals.

LaKenya help individuals through financial coaching and consulting. She began her journey 10 years ago, with a passion to impact thousands in the areas of budgeting, credit, and debt. LaKenya is on a mission to help individuals master their financial success through financial empowerment in her one on one Money Coaching sessions, classes, seminars, webinars, and on her TV show. LaKenya knows what it is like to have no budget, a low credit score and more debt than you can imagine. These experiences fueled her passion to see others take control of their finances and walk in financial freedom.

INTRODUCING… Podcast - Episode 12 - Pastor Betty Jamison

Pastor Betty Jamison serves as a spiritual midwife in the Kingdom of God, birthing many sons and daughters into their divine destinies through prayer, intercession, and mentoring.


This great Woman of God is also known as an anointed bible teacher, bringing forth the word with simplicity, clarity and power. Pastor Jamison is a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor who walks in authority and power in the realm of the spirit and has stood in the gap for many. She is the author of two books, "Prayer Keys for Victorious Living" and "Prayers for Healing and Deliverance” with a companion healing prayer CD.


Pastor Jamison is the founder, president, and overseer of The Watchmen on the Wall Global Prayer Network, Inc. She is a pastor of pastors and ministry leaders. Pastor Jamison was honored with an honorary doctorate from The Rainbow School of Ministry, Alachua, Florida.

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