Christian Author Releases New Book on Identifying and Breaking Free From Toxic Relationships

Widely acclaimed Christian author and empowerment coach Tarsha Campbell has released a new book, Woman in the Mirror: Ungodly Soul Ties — Break Free to Break Through. As the second installment of her “Woman in the Mirror Empowerment Series,” this new book offers a thought-provoking and revolutionary look at unhealthy connections in our lives while presenting a compelling and enlightening point of view to identify these debilitating connections. In addition, the book shares effective ways to sever these destructive bonds.

Armed with personal stories from her own life, biblical examples and fresh insights, the author builds an eye-opening case for the concept of ungodly soul ties, describing what they are, how they are formed and the kinds of incapacitating effects these unhealthy connections have on individuals, families, groups and causes that can lead to spiritual, relational and psychological desolation. Though revelatory, the book’s easy-to-read writing style makes it accessible to mature audiences from all stages of life.

“The second installment of Tarsha Campbell’s ‘Woman in the Mirror’ empowerment series pulls no punches,” writes one book reviewer. “It clearly defines ungodly soul ties in a way that you can understand […] This book is timeless […] If you follow what’s written in it, this book will indeed change your life.”

Campbell states, “It’s my desire that every reader gains insight on how to identify unhealthy personal connections and how to sever them, so that each individual can live and fulfill his or her own divine purpose. That’s what this book is all about.”


Tarsha Campbell is a licensed minister, certified life coach and empowerment speaker who has authored six popular books. She is passionate about helping others draw closer in greater intimacy with God and find their true identity through Him. Her lifetime mission is to help 100,000 women find and fulfill their life purpose. Visit her website at:


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Publisher: DOMINIONHOUSE Publishing & Design, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9905031-2-5 | Softcover and e-book available, 144 pages
Available worldwide:,, iBooks


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