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Numbered Days

We made it!! If you’re reading this article I want to invite you to join me in celebrating the fact that we made it! For many, last year was tough and an unprecedented time like none we have seen in recent history. In light of what we collectively experienced in 2020, and the untimely deaths […]

Digging Ditches: Preparing the Ground for the Release of God’s Promises and Your Destiny

In this season of uncertainty in the world, this article comes to encourage and push you towards the release of God’s promises and your destiny! The message is simple, and consists of a call to action. First the word of encouragement: Your season of manifestation is at hand! Wow, isn’t that great! Now a word […]

 (em·pow·er) – verb
1 give (someone) the authority or power to do something

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What I Care About

I care about empowering people to move forward by providing spiritual and practical solutions that result in personal breakthrough, growth, and success. Through profound revelatory insights, delivered in easy to understand formats, I help people realize their full potential, and move them from where they are, to where they want to be.


What Drives Me

I’m Your Next Step Coach & Consultant. I’m passionate about empowering leaders and emerging leaders to move to their next level in their personal and professional life, by providing thought leadership, and innovated strategies that bring maximum results.



 (em·pow·er)  verb
2 to provide with the means or opportunity

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(em·pow·er) verb

3 to make possible, practical, or easy: to cause to function or operate

Moving You Forward. Moving You Ahead

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5 Qualities of a Woman of Destiny...I not only recommend this book to every woman seeking to advance in God’s call on her life, but to every leader who wants to make and impact, as well as teach other women to excel in her destiny.” –Pastor Gail Gardner, Woman to Woman Global Mentorship, Inc.

Rave Reviews

“Thank you. I used Help! I’ve Been Called By God: Easy Steps to Preparing and Delivering a Message, when I was just starting out in ministry. It helped me learn how to put my messages together. Good book!” –Pastor W.N., West Palm Beach, FL

  (em·pow·er)  verb
4 make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights

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