Tarsha Campbell Empowers


Help! I Want to Publish…

Help! I Want to Publish a Book: Easy Steps to Publishing is an empowering, inspirational presentation that encourages the listeners to step out and write, publish and distribute their books. Presented as an informative and easy to follow presentation your group will learn the “ins” and “out” of book publishing. As a writer, author, graphic designer, and independent publisher, I will share a wealth of knowledge from my experiences. This presentation will be a special addition to any empowerment conference, retreat, summit, seminar, workshop, etc.

What your group will learn:

  • What is publishing?
  • Why publish?
  • About different types of publishers
  • How the publishing industry work
  • Seven easy steps to publishing
  • Writing techniques
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Copyrights, ISBN numbers, bar codes
  • Marketing, promotion, & distribution
  • Also questions & answers time