Notes to Younger Women - Book

Notes to Younger Women

…The Bible clearly instructs us that it is our responsibility to mentor our young women. It’s our responsibility to teach them about honor, modesty, respect, and integrity. It’s our responsibility to train them how to be a wife in their home, a worker in the church, and a servant in the community. “Our goal with this project is to write and share nuggets we have learned on our journey in life, thus far, that will empower the next generation of younger women to walk in their truth according to biblical principles,” said Tanya Marie Lewis, Publisher, and Writer. The anthology contains over 100 stories written by God-fearing women from around the world.


“This book is truly a JEWEL of a book. I’ve gleaned so much from it by reading all the notes from this phenomenal group of contributing authors. It’s been extremely rewarding to be apart of this project and contribute to it. I love sharing it with younger women and others I care about. Thank you Tanya Marie Lewis for the invitation to be apart of this life-shifting project and wonderful ‘life manual’.”

-Tarsha L. Campbell

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  (em·pow·er)  verb
make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights

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