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My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal…

Get ready to:

Dream out loud

Envision in color

And plan the next steps to make what you desire and see your reality

Hot off the press from the Coach in a Book Series™, this uniquely crafted dream journal-planner provides space for you to create subject-specific vision boards for six important areas of your life:

Health & Fitness
Ministry/Community Service

Once your vision boards are created, then use the specially designed planning and journal worksheets to help you plan and chart your next steps to make what you envision a reality in your life.

Also use the custom-built personal development pages to record and express your intentions for the year.

The journal-planner includes inspirational and motivational sections and fill in journaling and planning pages to help you plan a phenomenal year of success and breakthrough! The pages include:

My Vision Boards (6 key areas of your life)
My Next Step Strategies Section
My I WILL & I AM Declarations
Weekly Projects, desired outcomes, deadlines
Weekly To Do List
Execute the Vision: My Major Projects for the Year
My Objective
Key Action Steps
Completion Deadlines
Who can help me?
Products & services I need
Projected cost
Notes, summary
Ideas, inspiration, questions
My Accountability Partner
My Monthly Finance Tracker
Enrichment & Entertainment Section
Books to read
Movies & documentaries to watch
What would I do if I had no limitations
Courses to take
Inspiration & Motivation Section
People that inspire me
Things that inspire me
Websites to remember
My Bucket List
Conferences & retreats to attend
My Gratitude Journal
Inspirational Quotes

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