Go From Stagnation To Manifestation™

Discover a proven strategy to move you forward and realizing a fulfilling life of divine manifestation & breakthrough.

How the My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner® Will Help You:

  • Vision Board Section

    This section provides space for you to create seven mini vision boards for seven key areas of your life: Spiritual, Relational, Health & Fitness, Financial, Business/Career, Ministry/Community Service and Education.

  • My Next Step Strategy™

    This section includes a calendar-style journaling section providing space for you to jot steps to help you move you closer to the dreams and visions you posted in your vision board sections for the seven important areas of your life.

  • My I WILL & I AM Declarations

    This specially crafted sections allows you to write out and declare your daily and weekly empowerment I WILL and I AM affirmations.

  • Weekly Project Section

    This section helps you avoid “overwhelm” by providing space for you to plan your smaller weekly projects that move you closer to what you dream and envision. This section includes space to project your desired outcomes and deadlines.

  • Weekly To Do List

    So none of the important things you need to do are missed, this section allows you to chart your current “To Do” list for the week. This section also helps you track such things as errands, emails, phone calls, etc.

  • Weekly Spiritual Empowerment

    This section was designed to enrich your spiritual development as it relates to your God-given dreams and visions.  In this section, you will find space where you can note: Prayer requests & concerns, Scriptures that speak to me, Spiritual Downloads.

  • Execute the Vision: My Major Projects for the Year

    Use this section to flesh out and work through your specific vision projects during the year. It helps you stay proactive, establish your project goals and see them through to completion.

  • My Monthly Finance Tracker

    Having a good handle on your money is critical to vision fulfillment. You have to know your financial situation and save to reach your vision goals. Use the finance tracker every month to work out your budget and savings plans.

  • Enrichment & Entertainment

    On your journey to vision fulfillment, staying enriched and setting aside time for entertainment is necessary. Use this section to plan the following: Books to read, Movies & documentaries to watch, What would I do if I had no limitations, Courses to take, etc.

  • Inspiration & Motivation Section

    We all need inspiration and motivation along the way.  These two forces help us stay uplifted and encouraged when things get a little tough. Use the worksheet in this section to make a note of the people, things, and events that inspire and motivate you.

  • My Gratitude Journal Section

    Never underestimate the power of gratitude. With negativity constantly bombarding your mind, it’s beneficial to take time to journal about the things you are grateful for. Doing so helps you maintain hope and approach life with a heart of thanksgiving throughout the entire year. Use this section to jot down a few things you are grateful for each day.

  • Calendar and Important Dates

    This journal-planner leaves no stone unturned. To help you keep track and note important dates during year, this resource includes a useful 12 month calendar. And much more!

The 2024 edition is now available!

This vision board journal-planner is perfect for:

  • People who feel stuck and in a rut and want to move forward
  • People who aren’t stuck, but want to accelerate their growth and see dream and vision manifestation
  • People looking for a proven breakthrough strategy

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What People Are Saying!

TyLeishia Douglass

My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal and Planner® has been the epitome of grandeur…helping me set and reach my visions and goals!...Every family member, business owner, entrepreneur, organizations and schools should invest in this amazing gift, it’s appointed and anointed to be a blessing. I invested in this journal/planner...I am so excited and cannot wait to receive my journal for the coming new year!  Thank you Tarsha, this is truly been very helpful and allows me to be persistent, accountable and persevere with my purpose. Not just a 5 star journal, but a planner of excellence.  -Author & Online Radio Show Host

Theresa R. Proctor

Forward Movement is possible with vision. This Vision Board Journal is a tool for manifestation. The quality of this journal is superb, the content is well thought out and provides steps for execution with consistency. I highly recommend everyone seeking manifestation this year to simply secure the Vision Board Journal. www.theresaRproctor.com

Magdalena Rodriguez

"LOVE this journal! It is large, sturdy and filled with great resources to start your new year with vision and execute it! I recommend this journal! You will not be disappointed!" -Reviving Dry Bones Ministries

Sherona Nandram

Just received my copy of certified life & empowerment coach, Tarsha Campbell’s Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner. I am so excited to layout my goals and create action steps towards achieving them. Go get your copy and get ready to make your dreams a reality!  #focus #motivated -www.sherona.realtor

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Hot off the press from the Coach in a Book Series™, the My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner® is designed to start using anytime during the year and provides a proven strategy to move you forward and takes you from stagnation to manifestation. Get your copy today!

Orders are processed and shipped from Dominionhouse Publishing & Design, LLC.

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